Much to celebrate!

As we wrap up another successful week at OHP, I have to say that a highlight of my week has been the reception held on Wednesday afternoon in honor of Dr. Earl Sloan’s birthday. (Hint–ever heard of Sloan Liniment?) A portion of the fortune that Dr. Sloan amassed has been dedicated to assuring that our career-technical programs have state-of-the-art equipment. Many of our programs have some of the most advanced technology in the state due, in great part, to Dr. Sloan’s legacy!

At the reception, several high-school and adult education students spoke their thanks to Dr. Sloan and all did a fantastic job! One of our students, Early Childhood Education student Brittany White, shared a quote that I just love: Children are a living message we send to a time we will not see. I love that! And if anyone understood this sentiment, Dr. Sloan certainly did.

One of our Sloan Trustees, Harold Marker, also shared with me an excerpt from a letter written by Lucille Prior after years of research on Dr. Sloan:

It isn’t the house, but the stature of the man and what he stood for as an educator that should be recognized as the heart of his appeal! It isn’t the liniment that was sold door-to-door the world around as an historic rub for the limbs of horse and man. But it’s the value he placed on education that has escalated in our lifetime. Young people now want what his school has to offer. It was his image of a hard-working donor who spent his money in investing in them! His dream for the future became their dream. Dreams are passed on by images of people.

We should celebrate daily how fortunate we are to be recipients of the Sloan Trust, and we should celebrate daily the many successes of our students as a result.

Have a great weekend!

Kim Davis serves as the Superintendent of the Ohio Hi-Point Career Center.

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