Thanks is not enough

Thursday of this week we hosted the Sloan Trustees for lunch in our Culinary Arts restaurant and for a tour to showcase the technology that the Sloan Trust funded this year.  This trust was established by Logan County native Dr. Earl Sloan who invented Sloan Liniment.  His vision was to support “industrial education” for students to make practical application of academic knowledge.

Among other things, they saw students demonstrate a 3-D printer in Architectural Mechanical Design, a Bosch diagnostic tool in Auto Technology, an air jack in Diesel Technology, an aerator and soil conditioner in Professional Turf and Landscaping, and several amazing electronics “gadgets” in Electronics Technology!  In addition, they saw demonstrations of Emergency Medical Services equipment and medical management software in our  adult education classrooms (see the video below).  I can’t say enough how proud I was of our students and teachers for the fantastic job they did in demonstrating the equipment.  But most importantly, every single one of them expressed gratitude to the Trustees for the financial support that keeps Ohio Hi-Point on the cutting edge of technology.  Several of the students stated (with a lot of pride!) that Ohio Hi-Point is the only career center in Ohio with the particular piece of equipment they were demonstrating.  Some even shared that most colleges don’t even have the technology they get to use!  Saying “Thanks” to the Sloan Trustees just doesn’t seem sufficient, but we hope that giving them the opportunity to hear from the very students that benefit from their generosity goes a long way toward expressing our gratitude.

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If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a dozen times this week—“I can’t believe it’s December already!”  And it sure feels and looks like December in Ohio.  I’m just relieved everyone has arrived safely to school on these snowy, cold mornings.  Please be careful this weekend—it’s supposed to get a little dicey!

Kim Davis serves as the Superintendent of Ohio Hi-Point Career Center

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