“Where We Work” featured on “Where You Live”

There aren’t many schools that can boast the heritage that Ohio Hi-Point Career Center can!  For 18 years (from 1951-1969), the site that we call home was the home of the 664th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron.  The dedicated airmen stationed here patrolled the skies (from their vantage point at the highest point in Ohio!) and kept our country safe from nuclear attack during the Cold War.  This amazing period of history, as well as the dream of several of those airmen to keep the history of radar surveillance alive through the National Air Defense Radar Museum to be located here, was recently featured on a segment of “Where You Live,” a TV special featuring hometowns in our region.  To view the video, click here.

Shortly after the Airforce station was closed in 1969, the land was granted to the Ohio Hi-Point Joint Vocational School District and our school began to take shape.  How proud we are to maintain this historic site; to keep it vibrant, beautiful, and active; and to follow the tradition of service set by the airmen of the 664th by serving our community with career-technical training programs!

Kim Davis serves as the Superintendent at Ohio Hi-Point Career Center.

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