Darlene Chiles 

Fall into a new future with education!

Guest Blogger: Amy Main, Adult Supervisor

Fall has arrived, the leaves are starting to fall, and colors are coming alive in shades of orange, yellow, red and brown.  To me this has always been a season of renewal, a time to start new things; perhaps this ties to the start of school for children everywhere.  This season not only stirs the spirits of children, it stirs the desires, dreams and hopes of grownups too.

We are feeling the excitement of the fall season in Adult EducationOhio Hi-Point kicked off the fall season with our annual Birthday Reception in honor of Dr. Earl Sloan.  Dr. Sloan started his life in Zanesfield, OH in 1848.  While he traveled the country and made his millions, he was a true believer in giving back to the community and encouraging the pursuit of lifelong education.  It is through his vision that much of the equipment available for student use in Logan County has been purchased through the Sloan Trust. If only Dr. Sloan could see and hear how his investment in the community has helped.  A young man at the reception made the statement that he planned on dropping out of high school until he discovered Ohio Hi-Point Career. One of our adult students shared how he had tried several times to find himself at various educational institutions, and had finally settled in at Ohio Hi-Point.  He has attributed his success to the amount of hands on simulated learning experiences available to him and his classmates.

At Ohio Hi-Point, our mission is to develop our most valuable resource—YOU—by providing quality career technical and academic education. We strongly believe in Dr. Sloan’s vision for his community.  Everyone should have the opportunity to pursue a lifelong dream or discover their dreams, by getting an education. Stop in and visit us in Adult Education, we would love the opportunity to tell you about the current educational opportunities we offer.  We also want to hear what type of education you would like to see offered.

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