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Ohio Hi-Point honors class of 2016 at convocation ceremony

The Ohio Hi-Point Career Center honored 230 high school seniors during the annual convocation ceremony Wednesday evening.

The ceremony, which celebrates students from Ohio Hi-Point’s 14 partner school districts who complete Ohio Hi-Point’s career-technical programs, was held outside just below Campbell Hill at the Ohio Hi-Point Career Center in Bellefontaine.

The Students of the Months led the walk down the hill for Convocation.

Superintendent Dr. Rick Smith congratulated the seniors and gave a few words of advice saying, “Partake in honest reflection. Continue to work on your skills and your craft to be better each and every day. Honest reflection will help you continue on your path to success.”

Dr. Smith also encouraged students to know who they are and be themselves. “We expect great things out of the class of 2016,” finished Dr. Smith, “achieve greatness by staying true to yourself.”

The ceremony was led by the Ohio Hi-Point Students of the Months.

Dylan Jackson (Triad), K.C. Jones (Triad) and Matt Burchett (Graham) led the procession carrying the flags while Mykaila Daniels (Urbana) and Xena Quintanilla (Indian Lake) led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Janessa Queen (Bellefontaine), Meyghan Crates (Ridgemont), Faith Warner (Riverside), Katelyn Maynard (Marysville) and Ella Livingston (Marysville) conducted the ceremony with the introduction of guests.

The Ohio Hi-Point Vocal Group, Elements of Harmony, also performed during the ceremony.

The student speakers for convocation were Alec Finch (Graham), Taylor Tinsley (Indian Lake), Liam Smith (Graham) and Brett Rappold (Riverside).

Alec Finch encouraged his classmates to, “Be leaders. We are prepared to handle great responsibilities as we pursue our careers.”

Taylor Tinsley addressed her fellow classmates saying, “Be proud of yourselves, but leave here knowing this isn’t the end of your story. Let’s show the world what we can do.”

Liam Smith, Culinary Arts, Graham

“We at Ohio Hi-Point chose a different path,” said Liam Smith, “We chose to pursue a career- to find something we’re passionate about- and better our possibilities for our future. You will always have the knowledge and skills from Ohio Hi-Point for your next step. Whether you immediately enter the workforce, attend college or enlist in the military be proud of what we’ve accomplished together at Ohio Hi-Point.”

Brett Rappold, AHN, Riverside

The evening’s final student speaker, Brett Rappold, addressed his peers saying, “Ohio Hi-Point and career-tech is changing how education is taught. We are motivated and driven to learn because we experience real-world learning situations. Our education was more than textbooks and four-wall classrooms. Others may pursue their dreams another day, but not us, because we’ve been building our foundation for what we want our success to look like since the first day of classes at OHP.

The teachers and staff do tremendous work to prepare us for our next step. Career Technical Education gets a bad rap for what it was years ago. Let’s change that stigma for good. Congratulations, class of 2016!”

Lou Vito, president of WPKO/WBLL in Bellefontaine, announced the names of each student to receive senior certificates from career-technical instructors.

Hannah Contalee, a Cosmetology graduate from Marysville High School, received the Best of Class designation.

Nearly $500,000 in scholarship monies was awarded to members of the class of 2016. To see photos from the convocation ceremony, click here. 

After the ceremony


Receiving certificates of completion




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