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Kelsey Webb 

Ohio Hi-Point hosts Dr. Earl Sloan reception

Front Row L-R: Dakota Roby (AHN), Faith Warner, Alexa Klingler, Taylor Tinsley (PTG), Harold Marker (Sloan Trustee). Back row L-R: Sandy Aler (Sloan Trustee), Tom Carrig (PTG Instructor), Ted Bunn (Sloan Trustee), Dr. Smith (Superintendent), Tom Simon (Sloan Trustee), Chuck Earick (Sloan Trustee)

The Ohio Hi-Point Career Center hosted the annual Sloan reception in celebration of the late Dr. Earl Sloan on Wednesday afternoon in the Sloan Inn. The event was an opportunity for students and staff to thank the Sloan Trustees for the vital support given to the career center.

“Dr. Sloan would be proud of where career-technical education is,” remarked Superintendent Dr. Rick Smith, “it’s exciting to be with the students in their labs and see them working towards their dreams with the latest and greatest industry equipment. The district is appreciative of the Sloan Foundation for all they do to help us connect students to success.”

During the celebration, students shared about preparing for career success with the help of the equipment provided by the Sloan Foundation.

Student speakers included Alexa Klingler, Faith Warner and Taylor Tinsely from the Printing and Graphic Arts program, David Kritzler from the Outdoor Careers program, Dakota Roby, an Allied Health and Nursing student, Ashley Colvin from Diesel Technology, and Dalton Instine, an Automotive Academy student.

L-R: David Kritzler, Dakota Roby, Ashley Colvin and Dalton Instine

Dakota Roby shared her story with the trustees saying, “The education I’ve received at Ohio Hi-Point has been amazing. I’m thankful for the opportunity to have a jump-start on my education and thanks to the Sloan Foundation I work with top-of-the line equipment that prepares me for my successful future in healthcare.”

The Printing and Graphic Arts students presented a video showing the student working with the latest technology and industry equipment in lab made possible through the Sloan Foundation.

“Without the foundation’s support, this type of learning would never be possible,” said the students.

The support of the Trustees has pushed Ohio Hi-Point to the front lines of advanced technology; providing robots, welding technology, programming, medical equipment, digital technology and much more to students who attend the Ohio Hi-Point Career Center from the district’s 14 partner schools.

Dr. Earl Sloan, in his Last Will and Testament, established the Sloan Foundation in 1920. Sloan listed the Trustees to establish and maintain a school for teaching trade education to students in Logan County. The Sloan Trustees are Harold Marker, Tom Simon, Chuck Earick, Sandy Aler and Ted Bunn.

Bunn, Managing Director at Atlantic Trust, spoke to staff and students saying, “Dr. Early Sloan left a legacy and it’s apparent that legacy is alive and well at Ohio Hi-Point. There’s a spirit of community at the career center. It’s something special for students to share their stories and have students and staff come together to acknowledge the opportunity available in this community.”

To date, the Sloan Foundation has given over seven million dollars to benefit students in Logan County.

Kelsey Webb 

Ohio Hi-Point students advance to SkillsUSA National Competition

L-R: National Qualifiers Carlie Losh, Tom Carrig (instructor), Abigail Watson and Kelsey Barney

COLUMBUS, Ohio- Three Ohio Hi-Point Printing and Graphic Arts students advanced to the SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference after placing first in the Career Pathway Community Service competition at the Ohio SkillsUSA Leadership Conference in April.

Kelsey Barney (Riverside High School), Carlie Losh (Indian Lake High School) and Abigail Watson (Indian Lake High School) competed in the Community Service ‘Arts’ category after an earlier partnership with the Logan County Alliance for Community Partnerships and the Logan County Community Coalition for Opiate Relief Efforts (CORE) allowed students to produce marketing materials for a ‘Hope Over Heroin’ campaign in March.

The three students redesigned each marketing and promotion piece from banners, business cards, t-shirts and stickers to literature such as flyers, pamphlets and booklets that were distributed to community residents.

At the Ohio SkillsUSA competition, held at the Great Columbus Convention Center, Barney, Losh and Watson presented the ‘Hope Over Heroin’ campaign to judges, students, teachers and spectators during the Showcase.

“The judges liked that all three of us took an equal share in presenting the campaign and showing the pieces we created that were used to educate residents and make a difference in our community,” said Barney.

In addition to the display of printed materials, Barney, Losh and Watson also incorporated technology into the design with QR codes and augmented reality using the Aurasma app.  After downloading the Aurasma app, users were able to view videos that were embedded into specific pictures of the literature.

“The augmented reality was the biggest thing the judges complimented us on,” said Losh, “they liked how we made the presentation come alive through videos even though we created all print materials. Abby [Watson] did a lot of work on that portion of our project.”

Each student contributed to the success of the project. Barney conducted the research for the project, collecting facts and figures that would make the most impact in the ‘Hope Over Heroin’ campaign. Losh was in charge of the wide-format printing, the board the group used for the presentation and the sticker and t-shirt graphic. Watson produced all the artwork for the literature as well as created the augmented reality videos for the Alliance for Community Partnership and the Logan County Community CORE for the campaign.

All three Ohio Hi-Point students said the best part about winning was, “walking to the stage and seeing Mr. Carrig (our instructor) pumping his arms in the air. For him to be so proud of us was an awesome feeling. He gave us the skills and knowledge to prepare for the competition and we’re happy that we could bring home a gold medal.”

Printing and Graphic Arts instructor, Tom Carrig, said, “I’m very proud of Kelsey, Carlie and Abby. They really stepped it up and put passion into this project. It makes me happy to see they’re learning in a way that’s meaningful outside the classroom. What they’re doing is relevant, important and has value to the community.”

The trio competed against eight other teams and now will compete against approximately 49 teams at the national level.

“To compete at the next level, we’re going to create a bigger board that showcases what we’re doing,” stated Watson, “we’re also going to recreate the factual video that can been seen using the Aurasma app and involve more of the Ohio Hi-Point student body.”

The SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference is June 22-26 in Louisville, KY, and the students already have an eye on internationals if they come out on top in June.

Barney, Losh and Watson are seniors enrolled in the Printing and Graphics Arts program at the Ohio Hi-Point Career Center main campus in Bellefontaine.


About SkillsUSA

SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. SkillsUSA helps each student excel. We provide educational programs, events and competitions that support career and technical education (CTE) in the nation’s classrooms. SkillsUSA is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.


About Ohio Hi-Point

The Ohio Hi-Point Career Center develops our most valuable resource, people, by providing quality career-technical and academic education programs. Our High School and Satellite Divisions serve juniors and seniors from 14 partner school districts and offer more than 30 career training programs, while our Adult and Continuing Education Division has a strong focus on customized training, providing businesses the training needed to strengthen, and prosper in, the community.

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