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Kelsey Webb 

OHP hosts Dr. Earl Sloan Reception

Ohio Hi-Point Career Center’s students and staff had an opportunity to thank, in person, a vital supporter of the career center, The Sloan Foundation, during an annual celebration for the late Dr. Earl Sloan.

The annual event, which was held in the Sloan Inn on Wednesday afternoon, was attended by Sloan Trustees to hear students talk about preparing for career success with the equipment provided by the Sloan Foundation.

Student speakers included Tori Enochs (Triad) and Kristine Faulkner (Graham) from Health Technology, Kelli Kendall (Urbana) and JoDawn Parisse (Graham) from Culinary Arts and Mike White (Kenton) and Colton Low (Bellefontaine) from Electronics Engineering.

Without Dr. Earl Sloan and the Foundation OHP would not be able to provide the latest equipment and resources to educate the nation’s next workforce.

Dr. Earl Sloan, in his Last Will and Testament, established the Sloan Foundation in 1920.

Sloan only completed school through the elementary years, but understood the value of learning a trade when he began an apprenticeship at the age of fifteen. He then helped run a business with his brother selling liniment, a remedy for easing pain in animals.

In the 1880s it was discovered that liniment also relieved human pain, and business began to grow. By 1896, Sloan had dedicated himself to the business that reached a volume of $30,000 annually.

At the end of his life and career, remembering the value of learning a trade, Sloan listed the Trustees to establish and maintain a school for teaching trade education to students in Logan County.

Funds from the Sloan Trust were first used in 1948 at the Sloan Industrial School at Bellefontaine High School. Then in 1975, first payments were made to Ohio Hi-Point Career Center.

The overwhelming support of the Trustees has pushed Ohio Hi-Point to the front lines of advanced technology; providing robots, programming, medical and kitchen equipment and much more to students who attend Ohio Hi-Point from fourteen partner schools.

To date, the Sloan Foundation has given over seven million dollars to benefit students in the area, and it started with a desire to provide an opportunity to future generations.